My process surrounded the idea of creating a set of weekly experiments that expressed my thoughts into a visual form through the use of video and editing. My responses were varied, and informed by weekly limitations. From creating a video utilizing only what was in my room to more open ended ideas such as creating a video that represents a feeling or emotion. These explorations pushed me to discover new techniques, new editing styles, as well as practicing the idea of working within strict guidelines. Through the process of creating these videos, one in particular stood out to me as something to expand on.

As To Not Forget Manifesto

Begining this process with a manifesto. “As To Not Forget” acts as a remdiner to let go, embrace change, and approach this process with an open mind.

Working With Restraint 

My process began around that idea of creating a series of videos, which reconconsiles a past skill of film based media. The ideologie of these videos harkens back to the manifestos points on not being in control (letting process guide outcome) and “rules suggest” reminding me to follow the guidelines but not to let them confine me. Restrictions were set in place on things such as my location, props, recording device & type of footage.


Choose an object in my house and create a video using it in an atypical way

Using ‘found footage’, create a video that experiments with viewers perception

Confined to a single room, create a video with what’s inside


Choose a place and time and create a video around it

Create a video while walking around the city

Reimagine an old project

A Second Look

After 6 weeks of experimentation, the final video, ‘A Second Look’ explores these little moments that may be easily forgotten. With the world around us changing in ways we never could have anticipated, our personal lives have developed in ways unexpected. Instead of going out, we are staying in and focusing on the relationships that mean the most. Time slows down and we begin to notice little things that otherwise may have been glossed over, such as the way the water reflects the sunset, or the sound of birds chirping in the morning. These small moments may feel insignificant but when reflecting upon, seem so important.


The video is one element to the project. Along with it I created some packages that will be mailed out to a small group of individuals that are important in my life. These packages will include a personalized poster, a hand made note explaining my intent for the project, a print publication (more or less a physical form of the video) and a DVD copy of the video (included with will be a QR code to digitally watch the video). My hope is that this project will remind people of the importance of allowing yourself the time to find joy in small moments. 

Noah Watson—
Communication Designer


College for Creative Studies, Det. MI—BFA. Communication Design, 2017-2021


Branding Systems and Identity Design, Type Design (Glyphs), Motion Design (2D + Basic 3D), Editorial Design, Basic HTML, CSS, Jquery, Photography

Noah Watson—
Communication Designer

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