The Invisible Effects of a Google Search emanated from a deeper understanding into the adverse effects of a search inquiry - relating to the environment, specifically CO2 output from a Google search.

The poster remains objective in language, giving the viewer a perspective into how navigating the internet may have detrimental effects that are seemingly invisible. This poster takes the invisible and translates them to a visual representation.

The goal of this project was to offer a moment of introspection. Contextualizing the viewers role in society and how every action, has an equal and opposite reaction.

Data Visualization

Noah Watson—
Communication Designer


College for Creative Studies, Det. MI—BFA. Communication Design, 2017-2021


Branding Systems and Identity Design, Type Design (Glyphs), Motion Design (2D + Basic 3D), Editorial Design, Basic HTML, CSS, Jquery, Photography

Noah Watson—
Communication Designer

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